Wanna Be Happy? Here's How!


Some people fall prey to magical thinking. They tell themselves that life will get better just as soon as they pass the next milestone: get that promotion, turn twenty-five, find true love. If this is your approach to happiness, it's almost certain that you'll be disappointed.


Think Positive


Is your mind on your side as you build your business? Don't be too quick to insist it is. Many of us undermine our business growth and success by getting stuck in old negative-thinking habits, warns Bobbe Sommer, author of Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 (Prentice Hall), the authorized revitalization and update of the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz's classic self-help bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics (Prentice Hall, 1960).


"Negative thinking is epidemic, and worse, most of us are unconscious that we're doing it. That's what makes it so dangerous,"



How to Take Charge of Your Future


There is widespread belief today that no matter how smart we are and how hard we work, our success and happiness are no longer certain. Reality: We have more control over our future than we think.


"If we change the way we think about ourselves and allow our inspirations to guide our aspirations."







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