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Maintaining Optimism in the Workplace

Have you found negativity a hindrance to progress in your workforce? If you can answer yes to this question, negativity may be costing your organization through a drop in morale, loss of productivity, degradation of work quality, increased sick leave, and positive people leaving the organization. This seminar is the ideal benchmark for you and your co-workers to confront negativity constructively.


You'll discover the warning signs that alert you to negativity creeping into your departments, and personnel. Tips on how to how to turn negative attitudes around and rekindle enthusiasm, and discover how to solve the worst kind of negativity: sabotage.


Making the Most of Your Best

Dr. Sommer's inspirational message shows how to shape your perceptions to find optimism and success in life. Through her humorous style, learn how to "get your shift together" and allow your brain to locate whatever is on your mind. Discover how life deals cards to each of us and how to play those cards to your best advantage to get the goals you desire.


Learn how shaping perceptions consciously will ensure an optimistic attitude. Studies show that optimists live longer and make more money than pessimistic people. By consciously directing your brain in the desired direction, you make sharper decisions and clearer choices. Follow the featured steps in this presentation and find yourself automatically obtaining the goals you desire.


"You want me to do what by when?"

People respond differently to pressure. Discover your preferred perceptual style and learn how to work with this to deal more effectively with change and pressure. Learn the cures and antidotes that ward off negativity and promote optimistic thinking.


Find ways to enhance your self-confidence even when you are about to climb the walls and escape through the nearest window.


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